Impress People With Details

I ran into Cheryl today at Starbucks today. A couple of weeks ago, I had helped setup her manufacturer-direct purchasing account. It was good to hear how great she thought the products were and how she can't wait to try out more of them. But that wasn't really something new. I hear that all the time. No, she was really amazed about the email that I had sent her this week.

I Always Look for People Who Have Failed

Now, that might sound like a strange thing to say, but yes, I look for people who have failed at trying be an entrepreneur. You see, trying to build a business relationship is kind of like a courtship. How you go about a courtship depends on the level of experience that your prospective beau brings to the dance.

Americans Know Who to Trust

I saw a new survey conducted by Gallup that found that Americans’ confidence levels in the military and small business surpassed even their confidence in the medical system, police forces and the nation’s public schools.

Does Your Product Pass the Test?

If you are a student of history, some of the most interesting stories are those of the 'snake oil salesman'. They seem to exist throughout the entire record of man's exploits and they continue on today. The only difference is that in today's electronic world, they have a world-wide audience to present their sales pitch to.

I must admit that I enjoy looking at them. But not from the viewpoint that those product or programs will lift me from the pit of poverty to to the heights of wealth.

No, I like to try and take them apart and examine the ways that these hucksters are trying to get my attention and pick my pocketbook. Some people are downright clever and inventive.


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